Magistrate is a new Minecraft: Java Edition server in which mainly has the theme of MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) as its core. All you need is an internet connection and a Minecraft Account and you're set to go!

Start your adventure by hopping into the server and picking one of the 5 classes which are Warrior, Mage, Thief, Cleric and Archer. Invite your friends, raid dungeons together and become the very best in Magistrate!



The world of Magistrate is not easy, danger lurks in every corner, Monsters with terrifying abilities. However! Slaying them contain bountiful rewards and prizes so make sure to sharpen up your swords and refine your magic!


Items are imbued with special magic that grants them mystifying stats! Instead of the normal vanilla attributes such as attack damage. We now grant more like Critical Strikes, Block Ratings, Gem Sockets and so much more!


Living in such a dangerous place requires to be strong, only then can one topple all enemies in their path. Make sure to gain experience and level up to prove yourself!


This world is not only about items and monsters. You, yourself is special as well! By selecting one of the 5 main classes (Warrior, Archer, Thief, Mage and Cleric). You can cast various skills and spells and even get stronger as you play through the land of Magistrate!



Normal housing in MMORPGs is a bit bland in our taste, hence we came up with the idea to use survival instead! Allowing you to make your own and unique private bases.

The goal of the map is to survive without cheating, expand your land, grow your own food, and thrive.

More features to come!